I paint because I must. Breathing is instinctive and painting is like breathing. Most of the time painting comes naturally but occasionally it is like getting the wind knocked out of you. You lay there gasping, wondering what to do next. Even when viewers turn away, dismayed by their visual perception, it is necessary to continue breathing and creating to live.

 My outward vision comes from the beauty invented by the sun and the hours of darkness. Nature supplies endless inspiration from shadows, values and shapes. Interpreting my environment continually teaches. It's sometimes frustrating, but never boring!  

My inner vision creates art that expresses emotions too strong to contain. Many times I use unconventional processes and materials. These works are liberating and let me move on.

My art gives me joy, satisfaction, apprehension and relief. It makes my life fulfilled and exciting. Every time I pick up a brush, I am complete. I am in control and yet taking the biggest risk of my life.

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